Explaining the VoIP Gateway

Explaining the VoIP Gateway

Businesses can end up using a lot of resources for telephone and general communication costs. As a business owner, the primary goal of your company is to make a profit. Making profits entail the real performance of your business. Apart from overall performance, reducing your expenses primarily determines the net profit you will rake in after a business year is over. Since communication is core to the prosperity of any business, it comes at a greater cost to the companies that still use the analog channels of communicating.

Considering the rapid growth of VoIP and the number of businesses adapting to it, VoIP is something you should consider for your business. There are many considerations to note of before taking the plunge. Should you decide to make the shift to VoIP, here is one aspect of it that you can use for your business – the VoIP Gateway.

What is a VoIP Gateway?

You can utilize the VoIP Gateway to aid the success of your business. A VoIP Gateway is an interface that is responsible for converting calls sent over VoIP into the public switched telephone network’s (PSTN) acceptable data. Putting it into simpler terms, a VoIP Gateway connects old telephone technology to the more modern VoIP technology. The core functions of a VoIP Gateway include call signaling, packetization, fax compression and fax decompression and call routing. VoIP works as a bridge between an IP network and PSTN. With the help of a gateway, you can easily back up routes to make sure that calls will pull through. On the other hand, there are some VoIP gateways that are enhanced with the help of apps. One example is when a device becomes a backup for an IP-PBX system.

Bear in mind that an existing PBX is required to implement any of the functions of a VoIP Gateway. It is also important to remember that a good gateway has alert systems that let you know when a device is malfunctioning.

Having VoIP Gateway in your business will not only give you advantages and savings, you will also benefit from unlimited SIP trunks. Selecting the right VoIP Gateway for your business is vital, and it depends on your company’s needs and the current system.

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