Some VoIP Technologies for Your Office

Some VoIP Technologies for Your Office

Various businesses have jumped ship and started using VoIP (Voice over IP). You may have done so for your business as well. However, there may be some features of VoIP that you might not know of or are not implementing. Here are some technologies you can implement in your office using VoIP. With these, you may improve customer service and boost your business revenue.

VoiceXML Code

You might already know how XML and HTML codes work on the web but you’re not familiar with how VXML code works. VoiceXML is a norm for creating digital documents in a way that creates an interactive voice dialogue between people and computers. This makes phone menus and customer services options simpler to create. VXML makes use of a code that is similar to what is used in a web browser. Because of this, nearly everyone can make codes to use for a phone menu.

Going into more detail, VXML utilizes tags that give guidelines to a voice browser. The browser in turn recognizes the speech and speech synthesis to pull together a phone menu. This makes creating phone menus or changing existing ones easier and faster.

Internet Fax Gateways

For the longest time, fax machines were a necessity in the office. They were needed to receive files with signatures especially for certain business transactions.

Fax is slowly becoming more obsolete. While you cannot directly use a VoIP connection with a fax machine, you can use something called the internet fax technology. With the help of a fax server gateway system, you can send a fax using a computer or mobile. You can even send scanned files that come from emails. This goes to a fax gateway which gets sent to its last recipient. In this manner, you get a PDF file or another file that is actually a fax.

VoIP VPN Service

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are often linked with secure browsing. Now there are VoIP VPN systems that put VPN and VoIP together to create a new technology. VoIP has standard data-encryption algorithms making it secure. Use this mechanism to build a private network over the cloud and this in turn builds a very secure environment for your business.

Audio over IP

Audio over IP (AoIP) lets you send digital audio one way across an IP network. You can transmit high-quality audio feeds. With Ethernet wired systems in place in a building, you can connect your PA system to your VoIP system. In place of ambient music in the office, you can stream music and include announcements in between with AoIP.

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