The Lesser Known VoIP Features You Might Not Know About

The Lesser Known VoIP Features You Might Not Know About

Like a lot of late-generation software from Microsoft and Adobe, Voice over IP services come with so many features it’s hard to know them all. Here are some features that you might not know about but will find useful:

1. Door Access

If you or any employees have the habit of arriving at late hours of the night or the wee hours of the morning, Door Opener is a useful feature, especially if you need to be careful about who you allow into the building.

If someone rings the intercom, the intercom can call someone’s telephone. They can use the security camera hooked up to the phone system to get a look at who is at the door. Assuming it’s another employee, then that person can use the VoIP system to buzz the door open. All without being present. But do make sure you’re letting in another employee and not a burglar.

2. Record, Barge and Whisper

These are great for training sales people, customer services representatives or anyone else operating over the telephone.

Record is exactly what it says – it records conversations. Trainers can use it to give feedback and correct trainees. A call that’s particularly good or bad might be played to an entire class. This is of course also useful for interviewing subjects.

Barge allows a trainer or manager to listen in on a telephone call in progress. If necessary, the trainer or manager can even enter in on the conversation so it becomes a three-way line. They may need to correct erroneous information given out by a new customer service representative, calm down an angry customer or save a sale that’s in trouble.

With Whisper, a trainer or manager can not only listen in, they can speak directly to their employee, the sales person or representative, without being heard by the outside party. Therefore, they can remind them of their training, what policies to apply to that situation, and so forth.

Do take note that before using these services, you must check if it is legal to do so. In many jurisdictions, you must notify the outside party. With many customer service phone systems, the notification that their call may be recorded for training purposes is done automatically.

3. Hunt Groups

This feature is good for handling callers who are frustrated and don’t wish to play phone tag.

If the person being called is not available, the caller is automatically routed to someone else to take the call. That could be a co-worker scheduled to back up the other person’s call or a supervisor. If they’re not available, the hunt group feature goes after the next person in line.

It’s hard to find time to check out every feature of all the software and electronic equipment you own, but you don’t want to overlook features that can help you.

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