The Top Android Apps for VoIP and SIP

The Top Android Apps for VoIP and SIP

The internet has become a daily thing for most of us. Many people cannot go a day or hours even without checking their phones. With a variety of Android phones out in the market, almost everyone can now have a smartphone, full access to the internet and applications installed to stay updated with family and friends.

Here is a roundup of Android apps that are great for messaging and calls.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a free app that enables you to call friends as well as message them on Facebook. It’s not the best but almost everyone is on Facebook. It drains your phone battery easily but on the bright side, it’s free.

magicApp Calling and Messaging

From the maker of Magicjack, the magicApp Calling and Messaging is the mobile counterpart. With this app, you can call landlines and send text messages.


WhatsApp is one of the newer apps in the VoIP arena. It’s a must for those who use group chats often. Not only that, it allows you to call fellows users via the app.


Skype has been around for quite some time. Thanks to the app, you can easily call, chat or video call for free with someone who has a Skype account. What makes Skype stand out is you can start a group chat with up to 300 people and have voice and video calls with up to 25 people. A bonus is you can connect your account to Facebook or Microsoft and sync your contacts from there.


Did anyone ever know that our technology would upgrade to the level that we can now have public chats, video calls as well as internet phone calls? With Viber, it’s possible. You can attach files and send them quickly and dispose of them if needed as well.


KakaoTalk is one of those apps that enables you to call and talk, chat and make group chats at ease. As an extra bonus, the app has voice filters for users to tinker with and send to family and friends.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is mainly a chat service inevitable for those with a Google account. Good for talking, calling and video calls, you can easily call someone in the office using the app to save time.

GrooVe IP

Similar to Skype, Groove IP lets you send messages or make calls. However, to make calls to phone numbers, you will need to buy credits. While Skype requires you to buy credits, GrooVe IP gives you some free credits each much.

Zoiper IAX VOIP & SIP Softphone

Zoiper is known for being a call only app. What makes it one of a kind are its other features, including Bluetooth capabilities and the power to have calls of good quality even with a weak internet connection. As an add-on, purchasing the gold edition of the app enables video calling support.

Signal Private Messenger

A new and free app that places privacy above all, Signal Privacy Messenger is ideal for those who would like to keep their conversations as low profile and secure as possible.

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