Telegate has updated and changed its Business Terms & Conditions to represent our growing product and service portfolio and help our customers better understand the services, how we support and bill for these services and responsibilities between the two parties.

These new services are intended to protect both parties and make our business relationship easy to understand. As part of our previous Service Terms we reserve the right to update and change terms and provide notice of the new terms to you. If you have questions about your service terms, please contact your Telegate Account Manager.

Documents that form your Agreement with us

Master Services Agreement (MSA) – This document describes in general the agreement between our businesses for service.

Service Schedule – These documents describe the terms for each service type that has been ordered by you. They explain in detail specific terms for different services, including Acceptable Use Policies.

Service Level Agreement – This document is referred to in the MSA and Service Schedules and explains things like how to log a service issue with our Network Operations Centre (NOC), how long we take to respond to queries and uptime targets for services.

Order Confirmation Form – Each time you order new services with us, we provide an Order Confirmation Form that lists the services we provide and the price at which we invoice those services to you. You can sign multiple Order Confirmation Forms during the course of your MSA.

New Terms in our MSA

There are some new terms in our Master Services Agreement that were previously not included in our Business Service Terms. These are:

Fees, Pre-paid Fees, Expenses, Invoices, Third Party Charges and GST

All new clauses describing how we invoice you for services. We have new payment terms of 14 days from invoice date.

Service Delivery and Service Standards

All new clauses describing how we order and deliver services to you and the agreed standards.

Access and Your Obligations

All new clauses describing your obligations to allow us to provide the services.

Hardware Supply and Loan Equipment

All new clauses describing our terms of supplying equipment to you, whether it be purchased outright or on a loan basis.

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