Why You Need VoIP Mobile Apps for Your Business

Why You Need VoIP Mobile Apps for Your Business

Integrating VoIP in your business strategy goes a long way in simplifying your communication needs. This technology allows for phone calls and messaging services over the IP networks. VoIP provides the best alternative to traditional landlines or public switched telephone networks. Therefore, there is an opportunity to communicate with staff and clients conveniently and more efficiently with a reliable internet connection.

Features of Standard VoIP Mobile Apps

VoIP mobile apps let you make calls and send messages over the internet. It is designed to allow you communicate with contacts within the network. Calls are free when done over Wi-Fi.

Here are some advantages of using VoIP apps:

  • Free calls when on networks such as Wi-Fi;
  • Bypasses cellular plan call minute limitation;
  • Free international calls;
  • Free text messaging (as long as you are on a network);
  • Unique and dedicated phone numbers, separate voice mails storage and conferencing calling;
  • Video chat;
  • Face to face communication and meetings between individuals who are in remote areas.


Features to Consider When Looking at VoIP Apps for Business

VoIP provides for advanced functionalities and features that streamline your business communication needs. The following are the features to look for when determining your choice of VoIP:

  • It should be able to link your office phone and your mobile device. Linking will allow you to send messages and call using your office phone; transfer your office phone calls to other offices, clients, and staff. It also allows you to forward calls to auto attendants and voicemail services.
  • A good VoIP should enable you to transfer and record your business calls, send and receive faxes and access advanced conferencing calling features. Call recording is crucial to your business in keeping a record of conversations with clients and other important people. Call transferring will allow you to transfer a call to a colleague in case you cannot take another call or if someone else concerned can better address the concern.
  • It should have high-level security, privacy, and confidentiality. This prevents unauthorized interception of audio streams from conversations. There should also be a support center that is reliable and readily available in case of technical issues.

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