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There isn’t a day goes by when we don’t hear from another customer who is disgruntled with the service they’ve been getting from big players like Vodafone and Telstra.

From high costs and issues with poor performance, to a general lack of customer care, when it comes business communications, the big boys seem to be coming up short.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news. At Telegate, we’ve made it our business to revolutionise business phone and Internet systems. By harnessing the latest technology, we aim to ensure that you, your team and your customers work faster, communicate smarter and do business better.

Our presence across Australia, Singapore and the Philippines ensures we stay at the forefront of technology and best practice, which means our customers stay happier for longer.


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Exceptional customer service across everything we do

A high level of customer support is the cornerstone of our business. And that doesn’t mean talking to a call centre on the other side of the world, where they see you as just another number and don’t have the skills and experience to help.

We believe all our customers deserve better. It’s for this reason that we’ve invested heavily in an Australian based call centre that is filled with a team of friendly, caring professionals who have been trained to fix any problems—fast.

It’s great news for you because it means no more time wasting, no more talking to people you can’t understand and no more waiting on hold.

With 90% of issues solved over the phone

In some instances, our team of engineers may need to consult with one another and come back to you, but that’s not normally the case. In over 90% of customer calls, we solve the issue immediately over the phone, ensuring your team stays productive and your customers stay happy.

A communications solution tailored to your business

Wanting to save your business money is a given. Having said that, you many not be ready to make the full switch over to a new solution just yet.

But that’s OK.

At Telegate, we also provide a range of hybrid solutions. For instance, you may want to access the great features of new handsets / a new handset. Or, you may want to install a VOIP trunk so you can immediately benefit from cheaper business calls.

Whatever combination you’re looking for, we can give you access to phone and Internet products that will improve the way you communicate and save you money along the way.

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Feature rich phone systems that work for every part of your business.
Feature rich internet systems that work for every part of your business.
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Across two sites in Sydney and Manilla, Telegate ensure that around 2 million users have a seamless communication experience with ServiceSeeking and are able to get through to the right person whatever the time of day (or night). Our smooth integration with ServiceSeeking’s CRM drastically increases the speed at which some 60,000 monthly quotes can be processed.

With a reputation as pioneers of experiential gifting, and voted as one of the Top 50 places to work in Australia for four consecutive years, connecting customers with staff is an indispensable cog in Red Balloon’s success machine. Telegate play an ongoing role in helping Red Balloon delight its staff and customers.

We are proud to manage Menulog’s central cloud telecommunications platform and all their phone calls. Together we’ve built a world-class, disaster resistant, 24x7 call centre. As a public-facing multi-site and multi-country business, customer service is absolutely paramount to Menulog – so we worked to create a seamless customer experience.

I am glad to be a new customer of Telegate's VoIP system.

As a business person busy with my everyday tasks, I had to spend a lot of time inquiring with different VoIP suppliers, going through all the troubles explaining my requirements as I have virtually no technical knowledge of VoIP. No provider could provide the service I wanted. That was before I rang Telegate.

I just told David, Telegate's business manager, of my requirements and about 2 days later the VoIP phone arrived fully configured and working. All I had to do was to plug it in the powerpoint and it worked. Telegate really excels in what they do and the staff provided me with unparalleled customer service and technical know-how. I am glad to have found such a great company whose staff are really dedicated to their jobs. I wish I had found them sooner.

The team at Telegate have been fantastic. We are very satisfied with the phone system and the level of service and communication we received during the sales and installation process was way above expectation. Much more than I would expect from a Telco. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I would personally recommend Telegate. As a start-up company, I was looking for a cost effective and flexible telephony solution which would best suit my small business. I spoke to the big telcos including iiNet, Optus and Telstra; I was passed from department to department via their call centres and one of the telcos said they could help me but in the end what was sold to me was not able to be implemented for my business.

When I realised the big players couldn’t help me, I jumped on Google search and by chance found Telegate. From the first sales call to when the telephone system was implemented, the customer service provided by each department was exceptional. Even when things didn't go according to plan, Telegate maintained clear lines of communication throughout the troubleshooting process; problems never spiralled into frustrating mysteries

Telegate understood what I wanted and was able to find the right telephony solution for my business. It’s rare these days to find a company that provides good customer service as well as genuinely being interested in finding the right solution for their client instead of selling them “stuff” for the sake of it.

The quality of the phone lines is perfect, we couldn’t ask for better. The support staff are instant. We like the fact that Telegate know what they are doing and REALLY are experts in their field. The PABX platform is fantastic too, the sheer volume of options and flexibility of the product is second to none.

The Telegate service by far is SO MUCH better than Telstra and other Telcos. They are worlds apart. Telegate get things done with no waiting and have been a great help in setting up the solution. The product is good, the service is fantastic…I am already recommending them to my colleagues.

The quality of the service is fantastic. I run Engin at home and sometimes work from the office of a large national TV broadcaster that uses VOIP. Telegate’s quality is significantly better...better in fact than any telephony service I have ever used. Telegate offer a great product with good service. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

We have been using VoIP for quite a while now and prior to moving to Telegate had a lot of issues. There are a lot of small, unprofessional organisations claiming to do VOIP well. Telegate aren’t one of them. The product is great, the service and support is better than any other Telco I have dealt with and the price is fair. We would recommend them to anyone!

Telephones are a critical part of our business and moving from one supplier to another did make us nervous. We have been extremely happy with the team at Telegate. They were punctual, professional and very easy to deal with. As with all IT, there were a few bugs but they responded very quickly and resolved everything for us. What I really like about the system is the flexibility. We are now adding a call centre to our business and rather than buying a separate solution Telegate were able to deliver a fully functional bolt on for the fraction of the cost of other systems. We would highly recommend Telegate to any business implementing a new phone system.

……….Dean, Gina & I have recently signed up with Telegate & we just wanted to pass some feedback to you about the service we received from David Gamosh. It is not often that I go out of my way to make a comment about service but I feel it necessary with David’s effort in on-boarding the TAF Capital account. We fired questions at him relentlessly about Telegate’s capabilities & he responded in a timely manner every time. David’s response time, product knowledge & manner was far superior to anyone in the industry. All in all, David’s efforts should be commended.

We use Telegate for our Call Centre in the Philippines. The line was great. So was their Service. I have no hesitation on recommending them to anyone

Thank you very much for your assistance with this project. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with all of the team. We are up and running and I expected far more disruption so Telegate have far exceeded my expectations !! Thank you

Thanks for your patience and tireless assistance over the past couple of years. You are all so incredibly intelligent and great at what you do. You are true assets to Telegate. Anyone I meet who needs a VoIP system, I will recommend Telegate purely because of the outstanding support these 3 technicians have been able to provide. Your friendly, polite voices at the other end of the line made all the difference in times of frustration.

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